Represents tableware, kitchenware, decoration ware at various levels:
producers, distributors and retailers from Europe.


February 13  1st Meeting of European Associations Strategic Table

Mrs Donatella Galli  President Italian Association ART.  Member of  Confcommercio :

“Despite the peculiarity of each association and the specific interests they represent, there has been a general agreement on the fact that there is a product that have to reach the consumer and producers, distributors and retailers, i.e.  each ring of this chain, must find all the means to make this ‘’ travel’’ from production to consumer easier and attractive.

  In this severe moment of European Economy, when there are shoves from outside and inside our Continent to separate us in order to make us weaker , it was also agreed that the role of the associations is very important to help our associated companies and consequently our countries and Europe to strengthen and develop European Economy.  Cooperation, exchange of information, help the associated companies of various associations to expand their business, put at disposal of the companies advanced knowhow of deferred payment or credit for consumer, platform of shopping community, culture about table, kitchen and decoration ,  using all possible social instruments

 As you see the initial letters of European Associations Strategic Table form the word EAST and from East the sun rises and I trust that our work and cooperation will bring a new start, new and strong energy to our branches and consequently to our economy.”


  • Exchange data, researches, experiences
  • To put links to the web site of the Associations of EAST  in the web site of each Association, so that automatically it would be easier to reach information, to advertise in each website the main news of each associations.
  • Using also social media: culture of  Table, Kitchen and Décor world is done not only with history and technical knowledge, but also knowing which new items, with which new technical or design characteristics, are put on the market . This kind of information given by an association gives more value and impression of trustworthiness.
  •  To help the associated companies of this EAST , when necessary, in giving support und and information about the market of reference
  • To speak together to the main European Fairs: Maison & Objet, Ambiente and Homi ecc. in order to obtain better quotations and facilities both for exhibitors and visitors and also to involve them in a common action towards the consumers.
  •  To make common actions of lobby but also of representation in European Commissions and in other European Community levels. To find funds participating with projects to  calls of European Community in order to develop our work of cooperation.  In replying to this report please give arguments and problems of interest to submit to European Community.